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Superheroes Galaxy: Olympus Rising
Mobile RPG

Superheroes Galaxy: Olympus Rising is an innovative blockbuster battle-RPG where heroes from multiple universes gather to fight against villians! Featuring visually stunning graphics, engrossing action gameplay, free-to-play strategic fun with amazing equipment designed specially for your heroes![1]

The gates connecting multiple universes have opened, allowing villians to emerge and cause chaos to your World! It's the Endgame now. As a last resort to end the great war, the Elf of Hope called upon heroes from various universes to banish the villians!

Features[edit | edit source]

Assemble your ultimate team[edit | edit source]

  • Summon and unite Heroes such as Iron Knight, Demon Slayer, Athena and more from different multiverses!
  • Level-up and upgrade your Heroes to unleash their true potential! Unlock their unique talents and skill sets to make them powerful
  • Form bonds and alliances to unlock affinity bonuses and grant immense amount of stats to your party
  • Gather the support of Elves to further strengthen your team and unleash their exclusive skills on your enemies during battle

Strategic domination[edit | edit source]

  • The Heroes you bring to battle matters. Pair up specific Heroes in your team to perform devastating combo skills to crush your enemies with insane amounts of damage
  • Select Heroes from three different factions: Superheroes, Legends, Fantasy. Prioritize growth of Heroes from your favorite faction to grant bonuses.
  • Select from five core types of Heroes: Warrior, Mage, Tank, Archer and Support. Optimize your formation with the strongest core and support team, master the art of strategy and reach the apex!

Rich welfare[edit | edit source]

  • Instant FREE VIP 5 to all players!
  • Login everyday to get tons of Gems!
  • 100% chance to get a Legendary hero with every 10 Elite Summons
  • Generous FREE rewards for every server launch!

Engrossing gameplay[edit | edit source]

  • Team up with your friends to defeat the World Bosses and stop Monster Invasions! Defeat them to get handsome rewards daily!
  • Exciting gameplay modes, including Story Dungeons, Daily Instance Quests, Hero Challenges, Relic Hunts and more
  • Compete to become the best in PVP game modes such as the Arena and Cross-Server Battles

Support[edit | edit source]

Support for Superheroes Galaxy is provided through the game's Facebook Discussion Group.

References[edit | edit source]