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Heroes are the stars of Superheroes Galaxy: Olympus Rising. They constitute the player's team, can interact with one another via synergies, and each have unique skills and traits. Heroes can also be upgraded, and their equipment can be enhanced.

Hero Talent Rarity Type Faction Combo Hero
Artwork Wolverine.png
✶35 Mythic Hero Attacker SUPER Artwork Scarlet Witch.png
Scarlet Witch
Artwork Pandora.png
✶35 Mythic Hero Mage LEGEND 80px
Artwork Lich King.png
Lich King
✶35 Mythic Hero Attacker FANTASY 80px
Demon Hunter
Artwork Scarlet Witch.png
Scarlet Witch
✶25 Legendary Hero Healer SUPER Artwork Wolverine.png
Artwork Artemis.png
✶20 Legendary Hero Mage FANTASY 80px
Artwork Deadpool.png
✶12 Epic Hero Attacker SUPER 80px
Capt America E